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Why Choose D&D Clean Solutions for Fire & Smoke Restoration

Prompt Response

At D&D Clean Solutions, we recognise the necessity for prompt intervention. Swift mitigation is paramount in controlling any increasing expenses. Delaying remediation only escalates the restoration cost.

Expertise in Restoration

Our team excels in fire damage restoration. We are armed with the correct know-how to ensure your assets and property return to their original condition prior to the fire incident.

More Than Just Professionals

Our squad includes not only certified professionals but also compassionate individuals dedicated to reinstating your home promptly while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Specialised Techniques and Equipment

Fire, smoke, and soot damage demand specialised techniques and equipment to eliminate odours and soot from carpet and upholstery. Our proprietary methods safeguard your belongings and property.

Fire Damage Restoration

For over two decades, D&D Clean Solutions has been rendering fire damage restoration services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Located in Brisbane, we are ready to assist you round the clock. Our highly skilled technicians employ the most state-of-the-art and innovative techniques to eliminate smoke residue, soot, and persistent odours from fire affected properties and contents.

Experiencing fire and smoke damage to your residential, commercial or industrial properties can be highly distressing, causing interruption to businesses, loss of income, and upheaval to your life. We recognise the consequences a fire can impose on businesses, personal lives, and families. D&D Clean Solutions understands the urgency to restore your property to its original condition and to get your business operational and your family life back on track.

D&D Clean Solutions’ Assessment Managers meticulously manage the entire project to ensure all cleaning and restoration processes for structure and contents are executed to superior standards.

Inspection, Testing & Assessment

Fire incidents can inflict significant damage on building materials and contents. D&D Clean Solutions conducts a comprehensive inspection, testing, and assessment. This procedure helps determine the restorability of the structure and content items.

Structural Cleaning & Restoration

Our technicians are proficient in restoring internal and external surfaces impacted by fire damage such as brickwork, flooring, walls, ceilings, windows, and air conditioning and ventilation systems. We use specialized equipment and cleaning products to remove soot or odours caused by the fire or smoke damage.

Contents Cleaning & Restoration

Smoke residue from a fire can extensively damage contents, particularly clothing, paper, books, electronics, furniture, soft goods, and carpets. If not addressed quickly, permanent odour damage, staining and/or corrosion can occur. D&D Clean Solutions restores contents at our top-notch contents processing facility in Brisbane.

Odour Control & Eradication

Post a fire incident, potent odours emerge from chemicals released from the burning materials within a structure. Such strong odours get trapped in porous building materials and contents. If not treated properly using advanced techniques and equipment, it could pose a health risk to those exposed. D&D Clean Solutions conducts a detailed clean of the structure and contents and uses advanced systems to eradicate any lingering odours. Our highly trained technicians follow the most sophisticated processes and specialized equipment to ensure your property is odour-free.

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Why Choose D&D Clean Solutions for Fire Damage Restoration?

  • We are ISO Certified – We are one of the few companies to be ISO certified for water damage restoration. This means that we will strive to ensure that we provide the best quality service to you.
  • We are $20 million Public Liability Insured – You have nothing to worry about as our public liability insurance will take care of anything that may go wrong. You’re in great hands.
  • Our Water Damage Cleaners are Police Cleared  – For your peace of mind, we ensure that all our water damage restoration cleaners are Nationally Police Cleared.
  • We are available 24/7 – We are here for you when you need us. Whether it’s early morning or late at night, we are here to help with your water damage restoration requirements.
  • We use Eco Friendly Products. 
  • 30 minute Response Time For Water Damage Emergencies.
  • We use the Latest Water Damage Equipment. 
  • Our Technicians are fully Trained and Qualified.

We Welcome Large or small Fire Damage Restoration Projects anytime, anywhere


Our Water Damage Restoration Services

  • Damage Assessment.
  • Water Removal and Drying
  • Smoke and Soot Removal
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Odour Removal
  • Complete documentation

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