High-Pressure Cleaning Services in Brisbane


If you are looking for high-pressure cleaning services in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, you’re at the right place. At D&D Clean Solutions, our high-pressure water cleaners offer exceptional cleaning services at affordable prices. We have the most effective pressure washing and cleaning professionals in Brisbane. Being a fully insured company for high-pressure cleaning, you can trust us to do a great job in any setting. 


We provide commercial pressure cleaning services as well as residential cleanings of any size in all suburbs in Brisbane.


Our latest technology and skills of our technicians ensure you get the best results possible without damaging your property in any way. Our company prides itself on exceptional customer service and high quality results.



Why Consider High-Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane?


The process of high-pressure cleaning involves using high-pressure power washing water sprays to get rid of dirt, grime, dust, mud, loose paint, and other residue stuck to buildings and concrete surfaces like driveways. Consider a high-pressure washing service if you want a thorough house washing, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning or patio cleaning.


Here are some benefits to having a high-pressure cleaning done by a professional:


  • It prevents damage to your property – Removing debris and other pollutants from your home’s exterior is important in preventing damage from the growth of mould or harmful bacteria. A high-pressure wash will keep your property’s structure looking great while giving it a longer lifespan. It also will keep you safe from health conditions caused by allergens or bacteria. The less damage done to your property, the fewer costs you will have on repairs.


  • It adds value to your property – If you are looking to sell your home or commercial building, then a pressure cleaning job performed by one of our technicians is the perfect way to improve its street appeal without having to spend time or money on repainting.


  • It removes stubborn stains


  • It improves the appearance and colour of your property, driveway, or patio. 


  • It is faster than cleaning manually 


  • One high-pressure cleaning can last you 5 years or more when done right by a professional

Why Consider High-Pressure Cleaning?

Our experienced technicians are trained in various service areas of high-pressure cleaning, delivering outstanding results every time. Our high-pressure cleaners offer the following services:


  • Surface cleaning.
  • Building façades.
  • Building wash downs & house wash services.
  • Factory cleaning & washouts.
  • Warehouse cleaning, including warehouse floor cleaning.
  • Graffiti & paint removal.
  • Overhead vacuum cleaning.
  • Dust removal & roof vacuum services.
  • Fire & smoke damage cleaning.
  • Stain & moss removal.
  • Steam pressure cleaning plant & equipment.
  • Anti-graffiti coating.
  • Commercial gutter cleaning.
  • Interior cleaning & wall deep cleaning.
  • High-pressure water cleaning & high-pressure washing.
  • Facade cleaning.
  • Shade sails, awnings, & cafe umbrella cleaning.
  • Machinery cleaning.
  • Surface sealing after pressure washing.


Exterior Surface High-Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane

If you have noticed the accumulation of dirt on your siding or mould growth by your gutters, high-pressure cleaning is a great choice to remove these unwanted residues from the exterior of your property. Through the use of our high-pressure washing machinery and an eco-friendly cleaning solution, we can restore the beauty of any Brisbane property. 


Driveway High-Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane

A driveway high-pressure wash might be just what you need to remove oil stains and mud tints from the concrete. Our high-pressure cleaners use environmentally friendly cleaning solvents to keep the plants near your driveway safe during the cleaning process. High-pressure cleaning of your driveway will keep your home looking and feeling extra fresh and clean.


Roof High-Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

Roofs tend to accumulate a lot of debris and dirt over time, which can block your gutters and pose a risk during harsh weather conditions. If water isn’t properly drained from your roof during a storm, this can cause your roof to cave in. Proper high-pressure cleaning of your roof can prevent damage to your Brisbane home while maintaining your roof’s vibrant colour and look. 


Choose D&D Clean Solutions for Your High-Pressure Cleaning Needs

If you are ready for a high-pressure wash for your property in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0431 122 955. We will answer all your questions about high-pressure cleaning and give you a free quote today.


D&D Clean solutions is offered expert high pressure cleaning around the Brisbane, Goal Coast and South East QLD. With more than 11 years experience we able to provide you full pressure cleaning solutions, including concrete slabs and mould, grime, oil, rust, dirt and even grease.


D&D uses modern high tech  equipment for every job, therefore we can provide the best quality result for a fair price.

Why Choose Us?

  • ISO Certified – We are some of the very few companies to be ISO certified. This means that we will strive to ensure that we provide the best quality service to you.
  • $20 million Public Liability Insured – You have nothing to worry about as our public liability insurance will take care of anything that could go wrong. You are in great hands.
  • Police Cleared Cleaners – For your peace of mind, we ensure that all our office cleaners are Nationally Police Cleared.
  • Client Specific Availability – We are here for you when you need us. Whether it is early morning or late at night, we are here to help with your requirements.
  • Eco Friendly Products Used. 
  • Latest Equipment. 
  • Trained Technicians.

Our High Pressure Cleaning Services

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Building Facades
  • Building Wash downs & House Wash Services
  • Factory Cleaning & Washouts
  • Warehouse Cleaning including Warehouse Floor Cleaning
  • Graffiti & Paint Removal
  • Overhead Vacuum Cleaning
  • Dust Removal & Roof Vacuum Services
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Cleaning
  • Stain & Moss Removal
  • Steam Pressure Cleaning Plant & Equipment
  • Anti-Graffiti Coating
  • Commercial Gutter Cleaning
  • Interior Cleaning & Wall Deep Cleaning
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning & High Pressure Washing
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Shade Sails, Awnings & Cafe Umbrella Cleaning
  • Machinery Cleaning
  • Surface sealing after pressure washing

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