BOND, EXIT, Detailed Cleaning

We provide professional bond cleaning services to people who move in/out from a property. We are here to help you to provide quality services for affordable prices including free oven cleaning. We also provide half or one-year detail routine cleaning.

D&D Clean Solutions team will help you to get full bond money back, therefore call us any time of the day, our dedicated team can arrange the time and schedule your house cleaning services. Make sure to leave your property empty before you moving from the house commercial, industrial building, then we proceed to do the standard bond exit cleaning in your property.



  • Bedrooms and bathroom(s)
  • Lounge and living room
  • Entrance door, and security screens
  • Laundry, gurage car park and storerooms
  • Inside windows (tracks& sills,) doors
  • spot walls and skirting boards
  • Light fitting and celling fans
  • Wardrobes and cupboards
  • Light fitting and celling fans
  • Wardrobes and cupboards
  • Air vent and filter cleaning